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After an absolutely crazy couple of months over the Summer, we are entering into more uncertain times. Thanks to everyone who supported us through the lockdown and out the other side. I'm not sure what the winter will bring but with the new regulations in place I wanted to take some time to talk about how we are going to have to operate over the next few months.

Our biggest problem is going to be trading outside. With table service being mandatory, we don't have enough staff to be able to deal with all of the areas in and around the pub. During quieter lunchtime shifts (Wednesday to Friday) this will mean that we will only be serving inside the pub. Saturday and Sunday Lunctimes as the weather gets colder, we will be serving in the pub and on the terrace (weather permitting), but not in the garden. With this in mind, I would really encourage people to book. Please! It makes our lives more easy and makes for a much better experience for everyone. It also removes the possibility that you come all the way up here and don't get to eat.

Track and Trace: Please download the NHS Track and Trace app on your phone. We have a QR code at several places around the pub, which makes it easy to register your presence. We are legally obliged to keep a record of everyone who comes into the pub. Using the QR code on Track and Trace makes our lives so much easier.

The Rule of Six: I know it sounds like something from Lord of the Rings but we will not be taking bookings of more than six people. On Saturday we had three families that all booked separately, and then decided it was okay to sit together in the garden. If any of you are reading this, please note that you were breaking the law. Not only that but you put my Licence at risk and I could have been faced with a large fine. It also put me in the really awkward position of having to ask you to move. I felt like asking you to leave... For everyone else, please don't try and beat the system. We have a difficult enough time at the moment without having to be police officers as well.

Masks: We'll be wearing them all the time. It's not pleasant! Please tell us if you need us to lower our masks so that you can hear. That is allowed. Masks are now mandatory for all customers unless you are sat at your table. If you have a valid reason not to wear one, please tell us when you book so we can avoid any uncomfortable situations.

So I think that's it! Hopefully it isn't too off-putting and you can still have a good time at the pub with a more limited group of friends. I'm praying that regulations will relax before Christmas and I will try to keep updating the blog to let people know what is happening.

Happy Autumn!

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