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Opening hours and booking!

I have a plan formulated and opening hours for the first two weeks of July. Forgive me for not being more committed, but the Government aren't being massively clear and we are following their lead!

I'm up to my ears in risk assessments and my "to do" lists are just about manageable providing nothing goes wrong. The risk assessment documentation is due to be up on the website on Thursday, and the PPE is in place.

So! Details are up on the website. This weekend we are open from 7pm on Saturday night for drinks. The kitchen will be semi-open, with our amazing new Chilli (Beef and vegan options). On Sunday we will be open on a semi-normal basis, but with restricted numbers. The weather will have an effect on how we can trade, so PLEASE call and book. If you just turn up then, as always, we will try to accommodate you. But we might not be able to.

Week 2 is the Landlady's 40th birthday, so we will be foregoing profit for personal indulgence. Again, check the website and Facebook page, and give us a ring if you aren't sure, but the opening hours will be up on the website and facebook page.

If you have any worries or concerns, I am happy to have a chat about it. Our over-riding goal is to be open with everyone comfortable and safe.

See you soon!



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**For bookings within 24 hours please call.  Email is not constantly monitored



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