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The Big Top is in Town

Four weeks from opening and we are slowly getting used to a different and somewhat odd way of doing business.

We are so grateful to all the people who have been to the pub over the last few weeks. Everyone has been patient and understanding which is a welcome relief. For those who have not visited yet I will give a quick rundown of what we are doing.

We are serving inside the pub and have removed half of the tables, so we can now seat 24 inside and still allow safe passage to the toilets and bar. Most of the tables are by a window, which you are welcome to open for extra ventilation. We also have two tables on the patio under a gazebo, so if the weather is not too awful, we can safely seat about 34 people in and around the pub.

In the garden there is space for plenty more and we have a lovely airy marquee in the back garden, so you can be shaded from the hot sun, or sheltered from the rain. If it is not raining heavily, we are happy to serve food outside, but we will have to make that call on the day. If you are looking to hold an event over the summer (missed birthdays, family gatherings, weddings etc.) please give us a ring to discuss.

Covid precautions

I’ve noticed that I struggle to hear people when they have a mask on (I may be going a bit deaf), so we are taking orders at a safe distance from the table without a mask, but when we deliver food and drinks and get within a metre of you, we will wear a mask. We are using hand sanitiser regularly and particularly before and after we visit tables. Sanitiser is available at various points inside the pub and we are taking names and numbers for Track and Trace. All staff have their temperatures taken and recorded at the beginning of a shift.

Finally, a note on table bookings. We would love it if everybody booked and told us they are coming but will always do our best to serve everybody. If you do book though, please turn up, or at least have the courtesy to call ahead and let us know that you aren’t coming. Last weekend I went to a lot of effort to set up a nice, covered space for a party of 9 when the weather wasn’t great. I turned away a table of 5 and a table of 7 because of this booking, and they didn’t turn up. As the regulars in the pub at the time will tell you, I wasn’t best pleased. Had I written this post that evening, it would have been a full Gordon Ramsay...

NEXT TIME ON THE DEW DROP BLOG: 7 day opening in August, Eat Out to Help Out, New Chef, New Menus, and Afternoon Teas

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