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The Pub with no beer

Ten years ago we Honeymooned in Mauritius, and due to the Icelandic ash cloud our stay was extended from 8 days to 18 days. Amazing! Except an extra 10 days with no all inclusive, nothing to do, and the panic of getting back to the UK before the cricket season started, all conspired to make it quite an unpleasant experience.

I feel this has better equipped me to deal with The Lockdown (capitalised for dramatic effect). "Yay" they all cried, "Stuck in a pub for 3 months, you lucky b...lighter". "But there's no beer, and no customers!" I cry back, softly weeping as I pour another half a barrel of spoiled bitter down the drain.

We are lucky that Charlie is still working 3 days a week, so we can juggle childcare, her work, and the Sunday lunch takeaway service that we have been running, and it has been great to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with Joseph (now 2 and a half). He has coped really well, although he seemed rather too keen to go back to nursery this week. Frankly, I think he's had enough of us.

I have started this blog to spend some time explaining the issues that are facing us as a business, how we intend to reopen next month (hopefully), and why we are making the decisions that we do. More to come later. Stay safe.


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